Inte nog med att vi strävar efter att vara osynliga i din design, det är vi faktiskt!.

Vår designprincip Minimalt ramverk, Maximalt dagsljus ser till att vi alltid uppnår Sky Only View i projekt. Din design med dagsljus börjar här.

Dual functionality

Dual functionality – the xVent is primarily a fire safety rooflight but it can also be used as a standalone ventilation product on a day to day basis with opening heights set to user discretion.

CE approved

CE Approved to BS EN 12101-2:2003 The xVent can be safely relied upon to perform its duty when really needed.

Improving the climate

Improving the climate in the bathroom with natural ventilation and a Sky Only View

More light and fresh air

More light and fresh air, Integrated VisionVent in modern farmhouse in Egmond (NL)

Natural Ventilation

Natural ventilation with a VisionVent electric, up to 3m2.

Powerful Mechanical Mechanisms

Powerful Mechanical Mechanisms designed to operate reliably and without fuss when needed. These mechanisms also allow the rooflight to be used as a general ventilation product on a day to day basis.

Two integrated VisionVents

Two integrated VisionVents in a large modular skylight.

Sky Only View. Lots of light. Lots of fresh air.

Sky Only View. Lots of light. Lots of fresh air.

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