Flushglaze Walkon

Pyramid takljus

Takfönster Flushglaze Fast

Sky Only View up to 1500mm x 1500mm Fire Rated glass

Sky Only View up to 1500mm x 1500mm Fire Rated glass

Maximising the light

As well as maximising the light coming in from the outside, our pyramid rooflights also feature a centred spotlight, helping to accentuate the rooflight as a feature within the room.

Custom designed Eaves Flushglaze

Custom designed eaves Flushglaze rooflight demonstrates the impact installing glass rooflights can have on your building interior.

Bespoke Eaves

Bespoke Eaves applied in 42nd Street Building of the Year 2012.

Aluminium back

The aluminium back to back angle used in the Hill Top House project featured on the cover of AJ May edition.

RIBA award Knitters house

In Knitters house, a RIBA award-winning project, glass fins were used to maximise the minimalist appearance and capture the maximum amount of daylight.

Frameless finish

Our frameless finish means there is no visible internal framework, which maximises the light entering the classroom.

Modular unit

This modular unit is able to capture vast amounts of south-facing natural light from the front of the property in order to penetrate the north-facing kitchen area.


The even spread of light that encompasses the auditorium would have been impossible to achieve without Glazing Vision’s bespoke modular rooflight.

Fixed Rooflight Master Bedroom

The natural light falling into the master bedroom and stairwell in the attic make this room feel light and airy.

Daylight Award 2016

House 20×3 of young Dutch architect Tim de Graag has been rewarded the 2016 Daylight Award for the position, size and proportion of the rooflights.

Skylight Courtyard house

Skylight in the Courtyard house, natural daylight in the living area.

Very clever design

The very clever design allows us to always find just the right place to enjoy the wonderful views and sunlight, whatever the weather.

A completely frameless rooflight brings the outside in.

A completely frameless rooflight brings the outside in.

Berkeley Home

Walk on rooflight is used to generate natural daylight in the lounge below – Berkeley Home.

Flat roof terraces

Walk-on rooflight designed to be installed flush with external flooring – perfect for flat roof terraces

Wall abutments

Wall abutments can be used to secure your rooflight structurally on up to three adjacent walls.

Walkon Rooflight

Using the standard sizes a walkon rooflight is within everyone’s reach.

Walkon Rooflight Delft

Walkon rooflight in the roof terrace brings light in this house in Delft (NL).

Ridgeglaze System

Glazing Vision have developed a ‘ridgeglaze’ system that is designed to be installed over the apex of your roof increasing daylight and sky only views on either side.

Maximum Ventilation Opening

A special Ridgeglaze: this rooflight supplied was able to bi-part, due to the unavailability to slide completely off onto the roof. One section was required to slide over a fixed section allowing maximum ventilation opening capacity.

Ridgeglaze Rooflight

Flushglaze Ridgeglaze installed on a private residence for maximum daylight.

External view

External view of a Flushglaze Ridgeglaze installed in Europe.

Gloucester Services Station

Capturing a feeling of light & space into Gloucester Services Station

The wow factor – access to the roof terrace

The wow factor – access to the roof terrace

Minimal framework – maximum daylight

Minimal framework – maximum daylight

Light, fresh air and easy access to the roof

Light, fresh air and easy access to the roof

Le Cordon Blue London

Skydoor offering roof top herb garden access – Le Cordon Blue in London.

Beautiful light loft

Amazing old school conversion to a beautiful light loft. In the Blankenstraat in Amsterdam the former public primary school transformed into loft apartments and offices. The large windows and high ceiling bring a feeling of space and light. For even more space the owners made the rooftop accessible and created a wonderful rooftop garden with nice views over Amsterdam. They used an enormous sleek, low-profile hinged opening skylight for easy access to the rooftop of this Amsterdam loft.

Sky only view

Sky Only View with reliable and safe powered mechanisms. Intelligent actuators ensure synchronized operation between the two supporting mechanisms, resulting in a smooth, trouble free and extremely quiet opening cycle.

Perfect for access

Perfect for access the Skydoor provides an easy means of accessing your roof space.

Press the button

With just a press of a button you have comfortable, easy access to the terrace or roof space in less than a minute.

Perfectly balanced

The Glazing Vision Skydoor is perfectly balanced and will open and close in a safe and controlled manner at the touch of a button.

Example of a Skydoor

Example of a Skydoor installed on a roof terrace over spiral staircase.

Cambridge house

Extension in Cambridge house. The main feature of the space was the Skyglide: an electrically operated fully opening skylight allowing the outside to be brought inside.

Dimensions of the Skyhatch

The dimensions of the Skyhatch are 900mm x 1800mm. Excellent to suit smaller scale domestic projects where a Skydoor may be too big or budget doesn’t allow.

Skyhatch Electric

The SkyHatch Electric is powered by a 24V power supply as standard and is also available with battery back up so it can remain fully operation in the event of mains power failure. It is also features Building Management System (BMS) connectivity and can be linked to Glazing Visions remote control, rain sensor and thermostat accessories.

Only clouds and blue skies. Let the outside in.

Only clouds and blue skies. Let the outside in.

Combined Skyhatch

When you combine a Skyhatch with our Flushglaze you get even more daylight in your house.

Opening to a maximum 80°

Skyhatch electric is an access unit primarily, opening to a maximum 80° at full travel and can be stopped at any point to serve as a natural ventilation rooflight.

Complete re-design

The latest version features a complete re-design of the gas strut opening mechanisms which now feature calibrated spring assisted openings, we have also added an extra grab handle and repositioned them so that they are mechanically fixed to the frame itself for added strength and durability.

Skyhatch Manual

Lots of daylight and easy roof access with cost effective Skyhatch Manual.

Skyhatch in Amsterdam

Skyhatch Manual in a roof terrace project in the Valeriusstraat in Amsterdam

Open assist Skyhatch Manual

Skyhatch Manual opened using ‘open assist’ a combination of gas struts and spring assisted opening mechanisms designed to make the unit easier to open without causing too much effort when closing the unit.

Farmhouse Sliding over Fixed Rooflight

The rooflight was installed on a flat roof of an existing Grade II listed farmhouse complex to provide natural ventilation and daylight in the basement below, housing a swimming pool and gymnasium.

Pitched roof

Sliding over Roof in a pitched roof as an entrance to the roof terrace. Possible up to a 45 degrees pitch.

Sliding over Fixed in a roof terrace.

Sliding over Fixed in a roof terrace.

Sliding over Fixed for Savill Gardens

Sliding over Fixed for Savill Gardens, Windsor Park. Glazing Vision’s task was to design and install rooflights which would blend with the overall natural design and provide a functional yet sympathetic product and approach.

External view of a closed Sliding over Fixed.

External view of a closed Sliding over Fixed.

Sliding over Fixed – apartment Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris.

Sliding over Fixed – apartment Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris.

Sliding over Roos in Chamonix

Sliding over Roof in pitched roof in Chamonix, possible up to a 45 degrees pitch.

Sliding over Roof in Paris

Sliding over Roof in Paris, the City of Light. Surely a roof top paradise.

Standard width for Sliding over Roof

Standard width for the Sliding over Roof is max 3690mm, as a Special it can even be a lot larger.

Light and air

Light and air. A multipart Flushglaze and a Sliding over Roof combined in this beautiful London home.

Roof terrace in Geneva

The glass of this Sliding over Roof rooflight retracts under an elevated floor of this roof terrace in Geneva.

Fresh air by Sliding Rooflights

Fresh air by Sliding Rooflights integrated in a multipart Flushglaze skylight above a swimming pool in Athens.

Three-wall box in Islington

This three-wall box rooflight is installed in Islington to allow direct access from the stairwell to the breath-taking outdoor space, whilst filling the stairwell below with natural daylight.

Three Wall Box, more than just a rooflight.

Three Wall Box, more than just a rooflight.

Attractive roof terrace

The resident can enjoy unparalleled daytime views from this attractive roof terrace

Three Wall Box Rooflight

Our Three Wall Box rooflight offers high performance glazing and thermally broken framework.

Three Wall Box, great project by Tasou Associates

Three Wall Box, great project by Tasou Associates

Dual functionality

Dual functionality – the xVent is primarily a fire safety rooflight but it can also be used as a standalone ventilation product on a day to day basis with opening heights set to user discretion.

CE approved

CE Approved to BS EN 12101-2:2003 The xVent can be safely relied upon to perform its duty when really needed.

Intelligent Opening on

Intelligent Opening On installation the xVent is connected to the fire alarm system which, when triggered, will automatically open the unit to 140 degrees for fast, effective smoke ventilation.Intelligent battery backup and motorised opening, the xVent ticks all the boxes as a fire safety rooflight.

Plug and Play Technology

Plug and Play Technology allows our installers to simply plug in and independently configure the xVent to exacting performance standards.

Powerful Mechanical Mechanisms

Powerful Mechanical Mechanisms designed to operate reliably and without fuss when needed. These mechanisms also allow the rooflight to be used as a general ventilation product on a day to day basis.

Natural Ventilation

Natural ventilation with a VisionVent electric, up to 3m2.

Improving the climate

Improving the climate in the bathroom with natural ventilation and a Sky Only View

More light and fresh air

More light and fresh air, Integrated VisionVent in modern farmhouse in Egmond (NL)

Minimal framework Visionvent Integrated Vent

Minimal framework. In this case in a special RAL colour, stylish black.

Sky Only View. Lots of light. Lots of fresh air.

Sky Only View. Lots of light. Lots of fresh air.

Two integrated VisionVents

Two integrated VisionVents in a large modular skylight.

Bespoke Ridgeglaze

Bespoke Ridgeglaze Arts and Craft house Sunningdale by RJHA

Concept Sketch Stacking

Bespoke Bi Parting Sliding Stacking Over Fixed Rooflight Concept Sketch

Balancing Barn

BalancingBarn by MVRDV architects: bespoke Walkon rooflight

Modulair rooflight in Church extension

This new modular Flushglaze rooflight compliments the beauty of the church and provides a clear, frameless internal view of the new west gable window.

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